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Quorn Hunt




Please ask the Secretary for a subscription form - see the Contact page.

Golden Subscription - Any Days


Monday/Friday/Saturday - 2-horse days (high)


Monday/Friday/Saturday - one horse* on a 2-horse day


Tuesday/Saturday - one-horse day


Young Persons
   under 25 - 50% discount on subscriptions only  

   Young person/professional cap discount rate applies.
   Full subscribers may bring one groom Autumn Hunting free of charge.

   Free of charge in their own area
   30% discount in other areas

   20% discount on subscriptions only

Married or partners
   15% discount on full subscriptions only

All subscriptions include Autumn Hunting if paid by 1st September.
Only one discount can be used - they are not cumulative.
* to finish at second horses unless an upgrade is paid on the day



BOOK OF 5 TICKETS - maximum of 2 books per person, not transferable. Can be upgraded to a full subscription: see Secretary

Monday/Friday/Saturday - 2-horse days (high)


Monday/Friday/Saturday - one horse* on a 2-horse day


Tuesday/Saturday - one-horse day



Ticket holders must pay a cap for Autumn hunting. If bought by 31st July, each book also provides one day's Autumn Hunting (except special cap-only days).
Young person/professional cap discount applies
* to finish at second horses unless an upgrade is paid on the day




Monday/Friday/Saturday - 2-horse days (high)


One horse on a 2-horse day


Monday/Friday/Saturday - 1-horse day


Tuesday/Saturday - 1-horse day


Young persons (up to 12 years) any day


Mounted adult with young persons (up to 12 years) any day


Young persons (13 to 16 years) any day


Young persons (17 - 25 years) any day


Young professionals (26 - 30 years) any day



Groups of four or more visitors should apply to the Secretary for any special rates



Monday/Friday subscribers - Tuesday or Saturday (instead of their normal day)


Tuesday/Saturday subscribers - Monday, Friday or High Saturday (instead of their normal day)

extra cap

Both by prior agreement with the Secretary
Any discounts will apply



Up to 12 years


13 - 16 years


17 - 25 years


Designated PC days






Visitor (12 years and under) - any day


Visitor (13 - 16 years) - any day


Visitor (17 - 25 years) - any day


Visitor (26 years and over) - any day September


Visitor (26 years and over) - any day October




Melton Hunt Club: By kind permission of the Masters, MHC members who have paid their Hunting Subscription to MHC for the season are allowed TWO days hunting with the Quorn at 50% of the cap for that day. Application for a reduced rate cap must be made to MHC Secretary and NOT the Quorn Secretary — see the relevant MHC website page for details.


Non-riding membership: This is intended for those who do not currently ride and wish to have membership of the Hunt. They will receive meet and other QH information but will not be entitled to vote.



Car followers:



Point-to-point qualifiers: contact the Secretary


Visitors: please see the Hunt / Introduction page for more information


Payment: Payment can be made in full by September 1st, or by Standing Order in two instalments: one on 1st September and one on 1st November. Those paying by instalments MUST make arrangement with the Secretary by 1st September and such subscriptions will need to be paid in full even if you do not complete the season. Payers by instalments will need to pay a cap for Autumn Hunting.

Subscription payments MUST be accompanied by a membership form indicating which days you wish to hunt.

Any change of days hunted must be agreed in advance with the Secretary.

A subscription includes the right to vote at the AGM (but you may opt out of this right to vote), invitation to the Puppy Show, entry to the Point to Point, and receiving communications from the QH.


Autumn Hunting will commence in August/September and caps will be taken from those who have not paid a full subscription by 1st September, incuding those paying by instalments.


Hunting Day tickets: Appropriate hunting tickets must be given to the Secretary on the day


Farmers: The hunt is extremely grateful to those farmers who grant access to their farm. Any bona fide Farmer (and their immediate family) who allows the Hunt full access to their land for legal hunting will be welcome to hunt free of charge in their own area. However, the Hunt expects that those Farmers and members of their immediate family wishing to hunt outside their area will make a donation of 70% of usual hunting rates to the Quorn Hunt.


Landowners: Are those people who own more than 100 acres of land in the Quorn Hunt country which is regularly hunted over.


Damage: Any damage should be reported to the Secretary at the first opportunity. Care must be taken not to disturb livestock. Any gates broken will be charged at £250 per gate.


Vehicles: Unless parking has been pre-arranged, unbox at least one mile from the Meet, never in villages or gateways and always on the same side of the road. Mounted followers and car followers: please keep the road unobstructed.


Information: All subscribers and members are included in our messaging service to receive up to date hunting information. Information will also be sent out by email. So please include your mobile phone number and email address with your remittance. Meet cards, if produced, will be sent to all subscribers, farmers and landowners.


Countryside Alliance: Everyone subscribing or paying a cap to the QH must be a member of the Countryside Alliance; this ensures that they have personal accident and public liability insurance


Release and waiver liability: Everyone subscribing to, paying a cap to or following the QH participates solely at their own risk and assumes sole responsibility for any injury, death or property damage that they may suffer that arises from their participation in hunting activities


Mounted followers: Everyone hunting is advised to carry identification, contact details and health information on them. A mobile phone can also be very useful.


QHSA: Riding and non-riding members who want to join the QH Supporters' Association and receive the twice-yearly Quorn Covert magazine should contact the QHSA Membership Secretary here.


BHSA: We encourage all followers to become members of the British Hound Sports Association