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Hedgelaying competition

The hedgelaying competition is one of the oldest still being held in the country.

We know it was held annually between the two World Wars but unfortunately records we have only go back to 1956. We do know it restarted after the 1939/45 war at Lowesby and that it has been held ever since, except for when there have been foot and mouth restrictions. In the 1950s it was held in March but now it is held the first Thursday in November. Because of machines now being used to keep hedges trimmed, the competition has changed. In the early days it was mainly local entrants who took part but now there are fewer farmers hedgelaying, we rely on entrants from further afield – also there are very few young people taking up the craft.

A few of the local competitions have ceased because of rising costs and difficulty in finding suitable sites.

To hold the Quorn competition we require approximately 300 yards of similar type of hedge, and the date and venue of the next competition can be found on the Coming Events page.

The hedgelaying committee are very grateful to the Hunt for providing finance to carry on a very prestigious, historic and very highly regarded competition in hedgelaying circles.