Mr Mole demo advert
Support British Farmers advert


Trade advertisements

Suitable trade display advertisements are welcome. They can appear in either or both the sidebars of most pages. Each sidebar advertisement is a full-colour block roughly 3.5cm wide (the sidebar width – which varies a bit by the type of screen the user has) by roughly 8cm high, i.e. an 8cm ‘column-inch’. If you need a longer column, say 12cm, then the cost is pro rated. The Mr Mole sample in the left sidebar is a standard (8cm) slot. The Support British Farmers advert in the right sidebar is a non-standard 12.5cm.

Advertisements are displayed for twelve months from 1st May and the prices shown below are for twelve months. The costs of advertisements taken out after 1st May are discounted slightly (but not pro rata) to reflect the shorter time they will be displayed. Our current rates for advertisements are:













Small Adverts
















Animated advertisements (see below) are quoted for individually at a rate which reflects their content and complexity.

Sidebar slots are allocated on a first come first served basis - early ones appear nearer the top - with a choice of side. The relative prices of the slots are set each season to reflect the popularity of the various pages.

The Home page is by far the most visited page since it is the 'way in' to the rest of the website and it also contains the News column which is updated regularly (often daily during the hunting season). The Home page also contains only two advertisement slots instead of the four on other pages. All advertisements are displayed surrounded by a standard 'frame'.

Slot limit

There is a restriction of 4 slots per page (2 each side) except on the Home page where there are only two slots available.

Page sponsorship

If you wish to have both the left-hand and right-hand top slots on a page and exclusive rights to the page (i.e. with no other advertising on that page), add 100% to the unit price total. This does not apply to the Home page since it only supports two slots anyway.


We support advertisements which are animated, but there are some restrictions:

Animated advertisements are treated as single advertisements (one slot) from the point of view of slot limits but are charged for on a tariff which reflects their content: for example, three related but non-identical advertisements which are merged into one animation will be charged at the rate for three advertisements.

Next steps...

If you know exactly what you want and already have suitable artwork (bearing in mind that website advertisements are very different from those in paper media), just email us (as below).
If, as is more likely, you have some idea what you want but you have never created website advertisement artwork before, we will create straightforward artwork for you free of charge.
To place an advertisement or just to discuss options, email us via 'Display adverts' on the Contact page. We will then be in touch and take it from there.

'Small Ads'

Advertisements can be placed in the Small Adverts column quickly and with the minimum of formality. Advertisments there are plain text but may optionally include photographs. Email addresses and website addresses may be included but will not be 'clickable'. If more than one photograph is included, they will be displayed as a slideshow. The Small Adverts column heading describes how to place an advertisment and how much it costs (private text-only advertisements are free to QH farmers).